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    One of the first things on my wishlist would be the actual print time from the last time a certain file was printed in the gcode file list... And a history of all print jobs with accumulated print time and used filament... And ability to reset it.... It is nice for maintenance to know how many hours the print has been running since the last maintenance.....

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    Currently, when you simulate printing a file, the simulation time is written to the end of the GCode file, where it can be retrieved by PanelDue and DWC2. The firmware doesn't yet record the actual print time in the GCode file, but the simulated time is normally very accurate.

    If you enable logging (M929) then the print job history is available in the log file, including actual print times.

    For maintenance purposes, exactly what summary statistics do you think would be useful?

  • M929 is currently very verbose and fills up my SD card quickly.

    Just flashing out a few ideas for statistics:

    • Total print time, i.e., machine state in printing (general stats)
    • Active time for each tool / hotend being hot enough to extrude
    • Travelled distance per axis, i.e., X=42.7km, Y=23.6km, E=300m, etc. (for lubrication)
    • Number of firmware retractions (to clear our chips in the extruder gear)
    • Number of finished/canceled print jobs
    • Average duration of jobs

    All counters should have a total value (persistent on SD card), and a user-resettable (i.e., via UI) "trip mileage" value. Every time I do maintenance, I would reset the trip counter, while keeping the total counter intact.

    To save the SD card from early death, I suppose persisting both counters after a print job finishes / was canceled should be fine.

  • @resam excellent list!

  • I would imagine tool usage times would be quite useful for certain tool types like cutting heads, or lasers, or what have you, where preventative maintenance may prescribe change out before failure or reduced effectiveness.

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