Setting Pressure Advance in Filament File

  • I am trying to set the pressure advance by placing it within the Filament config file. However, it seems that right now M572 requires a drive number to be included in order to assign the pressure advance. Could this be changed so that if there is no drive number, it is assigned to the (all) drive(s) for the active tool?

    I am doing this because, in my experience with all mechanical variables held constant (nozzle diameter, extruder type), and varying the material or just the color of a material may be cause for different pressure advance values.

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    That's a good idea. I've added it to the work list for the next firmware release.

  • @dc42 Would it make sense to apply the same logic to M221? My flowrate multipliers vary with material, not with which drive it is in. The tension arms on my drives are generally fixed all the same (occasionally, I adjust one if I am using a very soft material). Having the same fixed tension arms in the same type of drives means that the hardness of the filament is the true source of flow rate multiplier variation.

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    Yes, that sounds sensible too.

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