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  • Hi, I'm building my first printer and I'm having trouble configuring the firmware. For the printer geometry section, should I put the distance from the endstop to the corner of the bed for the minimum boxes?0_1546898956287_Printer Geometry.PNG

  • You can specify a minimum of say -110mm and a maximum of 110mm (for example) in order to have the bed center be 0,0. Some people do this so that the same gcode will operate on multiple printers with different geometries or mechanisms.

    I personally do not do this, since I use different materials and nozzle sizes, so I need to re-slice for different printers regardless.

    In my case, I set it up so that 0,0 is the front right hand corner of the printable area, even though the printer mechanics can move the print head further. If memory serves, my minimums are -11mm X and -9mm Y. (Might be the other way around. My pause.g parks the print head at -5,-5.)

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    @macinyash, yes do that if you want the X=0 Y=0 position to be at one corner of the bed, but use negative values where appropriate. For example, if your printer has a X min endstop that triggers when the nozzle is 10mm off the edge of the bed, put -10 in the X minimum field. See The values you select in the configurator are put in the M208 commands that it generates.

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