SyntaxError JSON line problem, help?

  • DWC will not stay connected. If I am not connected and send a file, it's transferred, but never reads 'connected'.
    If I pound the connect button like a mad man, it may connect for a 20 seconds, just enough time to control the printer.
    RostockMax3.2 SeeMeCNCalt text

  • I have a Json error message as well, but it does not impact the connection. Sorry I am not help, I would only maybe check your cookie settings/browser history, ir will reset a few passwords, but if you get the connection to stay longer you may be looking at a configuration issue with your browser.

  • administrators

    Which firmware and DWC version are you using? I suggest you upgrade to the 2.02a firmware bundle if you are not running it already (RRF 2.02, DuetWiFiserver 1.22, DuetWebControl 1.22.6 unless you are running the DWC 2.0 RC).

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