Backlash offset for automatic bed mesh compensation

  • My printer uses a belt-driven Z system that has a significant, but repeatable backlash of about 0.3mm when changing direction. Because of this, the automatic bed mesh compensation will turn the motor, but the bed will not move the proper amount. Since the backlash is repeatable, it would be nice to be able to set a backlash offset somewhere, so the bed can apply the offset whenever it changes direction. This would ensure that small movements with direction changes, including small z-hops, move the correct distance.

  • I came across this thread from earlier this year:

    which makes some great points about feasibility. However, if the offset was ONLY applied to Z hops and automatic bed mesh compensation, wouldn't the solution be much simpler? Although, I suppose Z hops are configured in the slicer, so that might be weird, but the bed mesh compensation should be able to use it I would think.

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