FTP file transfer to Duet

  • Hi
    I wanted to copy a filament directory from my PC to Duet using Filezilla (max 1 connection) nad the directory is created but with empty files.
    I don't like to switch between files from another filament, and copy and paste text in the DWC.
    However it seems i cannot copy the file sover with ftp
    Then i tried DWC (2) but dropping files on 'upload filament configs' places them in the top folders(together with the filament folders)
    After a couple of drag and drops in Filezilla unload and config were copied ok but I never manged to copy load.g
    Very confused how this is supposed to work.
    I woul dbe nice to have a 'copy filament' in DWC.So ou can copy the scripts and just make some changes instead of starting from scratch for every new filament

  • I've reported this empty file over FTP problem before, so you're not the only one.

  • Thanks... I did search for ftp but didn't see that post

  • administrators

    It's on the investigations list for firmware 2.03.

  • could it be related to https://github.com/dc42/RepRapFirmware/issues/274 ?

    try again with a really big file, see if that makes a difference

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