E0 and E1 stops in configuation tool

  • I am using a Duet2Wifi and in the online configuration tool, there seems to be an option to control all of the main inputs/outputs except for the E0 and E1 stops.
    It would be nice to have these stops added to the motors tab under extruders or on the endstop page. I am kind of surprised it isn't already there.

  • administrators

    Currently, extruder "endstop" inputs are only used for connecting filament monitors, or switches to run M581 triggers, or as endstop inputs for additional axes (in which case they are configurable as usual using M584).

  • I understand that they are for filament monitoring, but why is that option not there in the online configuration tool? Or is it there and I am missing it?

  • administrators

    The online configuration tool doesn't cover everything that RRF can do, it's meant to get you started.

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