Clearpath servomotor --> 50Nm --> suggestion

  • Hi to all.
    This question is addressed mostly to clearpath users because before I buy motors for them i would like to be sure i choose right. Of course, anyone else is more then welcome to participate in this conversation.

    What i would like to buy:
    1.) SD servo motor so i can hook it up to DUET

    2.) Motor that will work on 100 RPM. At that speed i need partly peak 50 Nm of torque ( gear ratio can be adjusted to 20:1,10:1 etc ).

    3.) this application requires high speed movement and overall weight of arms plus load can be reduced to 1kg.

    I saw controller and software they are using so i guess that there is a way to set up something like this ?

    If i look at constant torque diagram, there is no way to get more the 20Nm but then again, maybe this would be enough because peak torque will be reached just 1/2 of work time ?


  • This is how I connected the Clearpath to the Duet expansion breakout board using the Clearpath wiring harness. 0_1548979581671_C8E3D024-5614-41F1-9939-7FFB521FBDE5.jpeg

  • I’m using this servo on my 24 x 24 inch CNC Router, I have a smaller one on my 3D Printer. They are fast and powerful and overkill for both applications. I cannot relate to your application, contact Clearpath with your specs, they have helped me. 0_1548980525435_D15685AB-68BA-4774-9BC6-EAE2206484C2.jpeg

  • I don’t know if the link works but this is my 3D Printer with servos.

  • Hi Ed.
    Sorry for late reply. We have finally decided what we will buy. The torque moment is lower then we have define in our simulation but we will see what's gonna happen. If necessary am gonna create two "smaller" robots with 70cm radius each, to get this 60 pcs per minute.

    This is the motor in question:
    25:1 gearbox

    Tell me:

    • is there a way in this servo setup to calculate how much turns do i need for smooth pickups ?. Am asking this because in the stepper motor setup i have max torque at 200 steps so i would like to understand how can i "for sure " calculate needed turns and Nm. According to simulation and plus some "backup plan" to get this 60 pickups ( 0.4 // 02 // 0.4 ) i need 100 turns. Is this correct ?

    • i have send price request to one German and one Netherlands company, regarding the gearbox and i hope that they will reply this week.. Do you have some suggestion where can i buy something like this ( for some reasonable price ) ?

    • how important is the backlash value ( Chinese version has values under 15 arc/min ) in clearpath servo setup ?. In other words, can the lack of gearbox be reduced / compensated in servo motor setup ? Just an idea...
      Maybe it can be "reduced" thru duet config ?

  • I made a simple belt reduction to increase “Steps per MM” to improve print quality. Made a great improvement. 0_1549237350558_4941A220-7059-4E08-8BF8-0B1506DF87CC.jpeg


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