[DWC 2] Chromium and Vivaldi page crash

  • When uploading a big g-code file ~157MB in my case on Chromium and Vivaldi the page after 1-2s crashes with no info. It works fine on Firefox
    I know that Chrome based web explorers are more sensitive to high RAM usage, not sure how DWC2 uploads g-code files.

  • administrators

    This is quite strange, DWC2 does not read the file content at any time. After all the file instance is only forwarded to a 3rd party library which passes it into a native AJAX request.

    Perhaps Chromium attempts to create unneeded copies of this file which causes a memory leak at some point. Well, I'll check if I can somehow resolve this issue in RC5. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • It works fine on DWC 1 so something must by different in DWC 2

  • administrators

    I figured out why this is happening and I will provide a fix very soon.

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