Can no longer connect to Duet 2 DWC2 CORS request

  • Tonight all of the sudden I lost connection with my Duet 2 Ethernet. Whenever I try to reconnect I get the red CORS Request box and then another red box that says Cannot read property of 'fanRPM' of undefined. @chrishamm any tips?

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    Perhaps your router assigned a different ip address to the Duet when the lease on the old one expired?

  • I dont think that may be it. I have it setup on a static IP. This morning I gave it a try and it connected fine. Not sure what the issue was/is...

  • So i think it had something to do with how I was testing the printer. I created a macro that was a snippet of a full gcode file. I have been messing with it for the last hour and as soon as I let it run the macro is when I get disconnected.

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