Filament out warning always present

  • So far the Duet has been working flawlessly, but after setting up a simple filament out switch for long prints (which I've used several times) I've noticed that the dialog never really goes away. After clicking the OK button and reloading filament and resuming the print, a reload of the web interface on any computer shows the 'Extruder 1 reports no filament' alertbox again and I have to close it.
    Doing an e-stop or manually resetting the board seems to clear it out.

    This is not a huge thing, but annoying to have to do anytime I load a page especially on things like my Chromebook or phone which get turned off and lose sync with the board, needing a reload of the interface to display accurate data.

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    How do you have the sensor configured?

  • ; Runout sensors
    M591 D0 P2 C3 S1 ; Extruder 0, Active-low switch, Pin E0 Endstop, Enable
    M591 D1 P2 C4 S1 ; Extruder 1, Active-low switch, Pin E1 Endstop, Enable

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    It's been a while since I had my simple switch filament sensor connected, so I can't remember how I had it setup, but I didn't get the persistent warning you mention.

    What firmware version are you running?

    I'm sure you've seen it, but perhaps review the documentation to see if something jumps out.

  • Yep, that's what I used to configure it.
    It doesn't seem to be firmware-related because the printer keeps right on printing correctly, the message just keeps coming up whenever the page is refreshed. If I leave it open, it doesn't come back up, only when the page is first opened and loaded.
    Seems like a bit is set in the web interface that isn't unset and reloading the page triggers that to show up.
    Firmware version is 2.03beta1

  • Make sure you only enable them at the start of a print and disable them at the end again. Have you checked M591 D0 etc to confirm the switch status?

  • Yep, both filament sensors show filament present via M591 D0 and D1.

    The alert that pops up doesn't seem to signal a current condition; the printer still operates fine, and this issue only comes up if the printer has run out of filament while printing at least once since powering on.
    The issue appears to be cosmetic only, hence posting in the web interface area, because while the popup shows, the printer continues printing just fine. This alertbox only happens after a filament runout condition has occurred, even if the print has been resumed without issue.

    @gavatron3000 said in Filament out warning always present:

    Make sure you only enable them at the start of a print and disable them at the end again.

    According to the wiki as posted above, with firmware 1.19 and later, this is not required. The sensors are only active during a print session and are ignored otherwise, so I shouldn't need to enable/disable the sensors between prints, M591 should be able to go in the config.g file and then work normally. (Please correct me if I'm wrong here, that's how the page seems to read. It seems a bit unnecessary to enable/disable hardware configuration between prints as well)
    Either way, even if a runout has occurred during the current print, the dialog keeps popping up (on page load ONLY) for the rest of the print.

    I created a quick video to show what's happening, just to help further illustrate the problem.

    I stress this seems to be only cosmetic as there's no effect to the current print when it pops up on the load of the page.

  • Yeah it says that but for me to remove the popups I only enable them when a print is active

  • @gavatron3000 said in Filament out warning always present:

    Yeah it says that but for me to remove the popups I only enable them when a print is active

    Ah, so sounds like you're running into the same issue then. Ideally the popup should only happen once and then once the print is resumed, clearly the error is no longer necessary.

  • The other thing that's annoying is if I have a fault etc or a filament popup on my computer and clear it as normal when I open my tablet or phone on Dwc I have to clear the popups again on each device. Not a big deal just a quirk I guess

  • I'll try and get a bugreport filed for this then. Thanks!

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    This is on my list to look at.

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