Anycubic Kossel Plus printer with duet board

  • can someone help me with configuring a anycubic kossel plus with the duet board. i have everything hooked up and is running but im having the issue with bed leveling and im unsure what my parameters should be for this printer. (Rod length, delta radius, printable radius, maximum carriage travel, homed height, minimum z.) what should the microstepping be?

    im using the Z-probe that came with the printer. what should the trigger height be and trigger value.

    what should the Bed probing for delta calibration be set to. (Compensation)

    im using the RepRapFirmware confiuration tool. but a lot it is asking im not sure about.

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    Another forum user with the same machine may be able to provide detailed information. Meanwhile:

    • rod length needs to be entered accurately. It's the length of any one of the 6 rods, measured between the bearing centres.
    • delta radius is the horizontal distance spanned by a rod (between bearing centres again) when the effector is centred. It doesn't need to be entered accurately because it will be tuned by auto calibration. Usually about half the rod length.
    • homed height is the height of the nozzle above the bed when the carriages are at the top, triggering the endstop switches. Will be tuned by auto calibration.
    • printable radius is how far out the nozzle can be from bed centre without risking the effector assembly crashing into a tower or belt.
    • carriage travel is the maximum distance the carriage can move up and down. If in doubt use the height of the vertical extrusions, because it doesn't matter if the value you give is too large.

  • Im having this issue when i start any print.

    i have already ran the auto calibration and updated the M665 & M666 per this link

    here is a video showing the issue

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    Please post that video on a public site. Facebook won't let me watch it.

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