Installing Recent Firmware and Web Control on 0.6/06 Board

  • Hi there. I have an old 0.6 that is sufficient for my project and I'd like to get it up to speed running the latest stable RRF and DWC that it can. It's running 1.09j-dc42 firmware. I haven't had luck trying to upload any RRF bin files via the web interface or SD card. I imagine I'm running an old version of the Web Control as well (candidly I'm not sure how to check).

    I haven't been able to find much as far as guides for the older boards like this. I saw we got a present (here) with 1.23. Can someone point me in the right direction for firmware updates for an old 0.6 board?

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    The old way to upload firmware to a Duet was to press the Erase button and then use Bossa or Bossac on a PC to upload it via USB.

  • Okay great, thank you very much. I was able to update to 1.21 that way.

    What about web control?

  • Got it - sorry!

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