New Duet 2 Ethernet user

  • Hello,

    I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to the Duet community. My name is Jan and I am relatively new to 3D printing. I have bought my 1st 3D printer in October 2018. That is a Prusa I3 MK3 kit which works very well. I have chosen that printer because I know myself well enough and I wanted to avoid frustrating shortcomings on Chinese Hardware which would have depleted what little patience I have. So the MK3 has worked without a lot of frustration for me and keeps printing. Since I have some basic understanding now of how things work I just wanted to get my own setup going. I have decided to build a Core-XY printer with the mechanical kit of the Rat Rig V-Core. Looked like a good starting point to avoid the pain of mechanical design (for now) but have the chance to make it mine. Yesterday I have received the Duet 2 Ethernet, Steppers and Titan Aero extruder. Still waiting for the V-Core kit (has 2 weeks lead time). So far I have only done the basic setup to have the motors work on the bench. Hoping to get the hotend up and running as well as the heated bed this week. And then its waiting for the V-Core kit to arrive and put everything into action.

    About me, I am living at the South-West coast of Ireland for the last 16 years. Originally I am from Germany but feel home where I am now. I am Network and System Engineer in real life and like tinkering with electronics and all kind of tech stuff in general. Hiking and sailing are the non technical things I love to do.

    So that me and why I am here.........

    Have FuN!

    PS: Once I have something to show for I post in the related category to give an overview of my machine.

  • @snoozer Hi Jan and welcome. I'm quite a fan of open builds hardware which I used for my own printer. I did buy much of the extrusion from RatRig, although not as a kit. Best of luck with your build.

  • Welcome to the forum. Have fun with your build. The RatRig looks like a solid design.

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