Announcing Hosted DueUI!

  • One of the design goals I had for DueUI was to separate the DueUI software from the Duet itself. That's why the DueUI settings panel has separate fields for the Duet you want to control and the location of the config file. Taking that to it's logical next step, I'l like to announce the availability of . It's a dumb Google Cloud Storage Bucket that hosts the same html and javascript files that are in the release zip file. This means you don't have to install DueUI on your Duet at all.

    You'll still have to place a config file somewhere and the logical place is still in the /sys directory on the Duet. Navigate to to get the default config, make your modifications to it, then upload it to your Duet. Then visit the website.

    To be clear...

    • The Duet does NOT need Internet access to use any flavor of DueUI, whether it's the Android app, the hosted app, or installed on the Duet.
    • The only communication with your Duet is directly from your browser.
    • is a dumb storage bucket. Your DueUI settings are stored solely in your browser and in your config file. No data is ever sent to
    • does NOT use SSL (https) because you'd be plagued with "mixed-content" errors and warnings since the Duet itself can't deal with SSL (nor should it have to).

    Coming soon... The ability to easily switch between multiple Duets from the DueUI settings panel.

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