Setting breakpoints in code

  • Hi all,

    From what I understand the latest revision of boards do not come with the JTAG pins on the board (indeed some of these pins are now assigned to other things. This might sound like a stupid question however, how does one set up breakpoints for code execution without the use of the JTAG?



    P.S. And yes I do love my J-Link:)

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    We've never used the JTAG pins on the Duet, so when we needed to revise the layout of that area to reduce EMI, we were happy to remove the connector. If we wanted to do hardware debugging now, we would use Serial Wire Debug instead of JTAG, as we do on Duet 3. For Duet 2 we'd need to build a firmware variant that doesn't reprogram the bus matrix to use the SWD pins as GPIO pins.

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