i2c timeouts - slow movements

  • I'm having possibly a similar issue to https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/7269/duet-sometimes-really-slow-i2c-error-or. However I am not having errors, but I am seeing timeouts after a period of time and a bunch of moves. Initially everything is fine. Then moves start to be slow and when I do M122 -- I see the i2C section reporting 0 errors but lots of timeouts. I am using 2.05, with 2.06 and above the i2c end stops stop working entirely after a similar period of time.
    I have thick silicon wires -- short going between the duet 2 and duex5, the ribbon cable is stock one I got when I got the duet ~2 years back. Basically I couldn't upgrade to the latest build due i2c issue since 2.06 has some significant changes and -- and slow is better than not working.

    note a reboot is not enough to clear the issue -- I have to power the board down

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    We've had a report that if NO endstop switches are connected to endstop inputs on the DueX, they are liable to pick up noise and that can lock up the SX1509B chip. Are you using the endstop inputs?

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