Duet expansion breakout board not helping me

  • Hello.
    I am using Stepper Motor Closed Loop Driver for my XYZ axis. which require input voltage of 5 volts, but Duet 2 Ethernet only provide 3.3v output at motor. that is why i order Duet expansion breakout board.
    I did all changes in config.g which are mentioned Duet3D Documentation. but now only one axis is moving.
    Second step :
    l take Nema 17 and DM542 Stepper Motor Driver, i did all required changes in Config.g then all axis started moving.
    Why is it so..
    Troubleshooting points
    1.Checked Motor connections.
    2.Checked wires crimping & connectivity.
    3.Tried with different ports board on expansion
    breakout board
    Please help me..

  • administrators

    1. Did you use the M584 command to map the required axes to the external drivers?
    2. Did you use the T parameter on the M569 commands for the external drivers to extend the step pulse timing? Almost all external drivers need this.
    3. Most external drivers are happy with the differential signals provided by the breakout board. However if your drivers really do need 5V then you can achieve this by connecting PUL+, DIR+ and ENA+ from the external driver to +5V on one of the heater/servo connectors on the breakout board, instead of to the + pins on the 6-pin output connector.


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