• I don't know in what universe a physically level bed is not desired before running the mesh probe, but it sure isn't this one.

    I've been leveling my bed with 4 point probing and it's been great, but it suddenly stopped working and I'm now getting the message below.


    I haven't updated the firmware, so how the heck did this change???

    I'm really upset, my printer is now useless as it was built like crap, but at least I could level the bed using the 4 lead screws. Now I can't even do that.

    Also, deprecated means it will stop working in the NEXT version, not the current one.

    I looked through the source code and I found this message is in the changes for the 2.02a but it just started happening now. How is that possible?

    I can't wait for help, I'm re-flashing to see if that clears it up.


  • Nope, re-flashing didn't work 😠

  • You can use mesh grid correction for 4 point correction. Just set the spacing to match grid size.

    Three point is fairly useless as it can't correct for bed twist.

  • @doctrucker I'm using 4 point. But I realized I misread the release notes. That change came in the 2.02 version. Why the heck am I just getting it now????

  • @doctrucker also, mesh leveling doesn't fix the position of the bed, it just makes sure the nozzle is at the right height, so if there is a twist in the bed, the bottom of my print will be twisted. That is unacceptable when you can physically level the bed.

    Plain and simple, mesh is no replacement for physical. Removing the physical function is ludicrous.

  • I really don't know what I'm supposed to do now. I'm sitting here with a printer that I've sunk thousands of dollars and at least 1500 hours into to make it usable. Now it's a pile of scrap because it won't bed level.

  • I'm not following you. I use it on my Ormerods to guide bed levelling via the height map. What are you looking for?

    I think the functionality to assist bed levelling (where you tell the firmware screw locations, pitch etc) hasn't been removed. The only thing that has been removed is the functionality of the four point bed level software correction that mirrors the grid correction. This coincidentally being the functionality that you don't like?

  • @doctrucker I don't know what you're not following.

    The 3/4/5 point bed leveling is physical leveling.

    The mesh compensation is not leveling, it is real time compensation. That means, if your bed is crooked, your bed stays crooked and the firmware adjusts the Z during the print. So, if the bed is angled, the bottom of your print is angled, but still successful.

    When you run the 3/4/5, the lead screws move to re-align the bed plane.

    After doing that, I've found my bed is nice and level and I don't even need mesh compensation. But, if I want to run mesh comp, then I want to level the bed first.

    They're complementary; they don't do the same function.

  • I did get it to work again. It seems like it has to run and fail first. Bizarre.

  • Nope, that wasn't it. I rebooted the controller and it worked first time. I haven't changed anything.

  • That's why I'm confused with your complaint. The functionality that checks a number of points and advises physical corrections to bed level screws or executes corrections on multi screw beds still exisits.

    The only functionality that has been removed is using bed.g in a way that mimics grid compensation.

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    @gnydick, are you trying to do physical bed levelling using 2, 3 or 4 independently-driven leadscrews? If so, the problem is that an error in your config.g file is making the firmware think you are trying to do 3, 4 or 5 point bed compensation instead. Check that the number of Z motors in your M584 command matches the number of leadscrew positions declared in your M671 command.

  • @dc42 thank jeebus. I didn't change a thing, I don't know why it stopped and then just started working.

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