synchronize prompts between DWC and PanelDue

  • I use M291 extensively for filament loading, unloading, and bed leveling

    It seems random where the prompt shows up, sometimes it shows up on the PanelDue, sometimes it shows up on DWC, more often than not it shows up on DWC

    It'd be nice if the prompt showed up on both, and dismissals are synchronized too

    Or figure out where the last human interaction happened and display it there

    (almost guaranteed if I launch a macro from PanelDue, it will NOT show the prompts on PanelDue, I think the file list windows blocks it or something)

    Current workaround? I have a physical button that's bi-colour LED lit, it glows when a prompt is being shown and requires interaction

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    It should show up on both. Which firmware version are you using?

  • 2.02 RRF, 1.22 on PanelDue 5i

    actually, is there a good way of doing a "packet error rate" test on the UART cable between the Duet and the PanelDue?

    updates to the PanelDue print status screen during printing is really... laggy, the fan turned on after layer 1 and it took a few minutes before the fan speed on PanelDue changed from 0 to 100

    perhaps changing the baud rate would help but I'd like some diagnostics to help me see if it actually is helping

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    The Console page of PanelDue reports any checksum errors that are detected by the Duet in data received from PanelDue.

  • Turns out the problem is different, my script essentially freezes the whole PanelDue screen, very consistently

    The script is here

    When the motor first starts spinning at line 22, the prompt is not on the PanelDue screen

    PanelDue is not updating temperatures, I realized this when I tried to insert filament while the temperature sensor got disconnected in the process and the Duet went into heater fault mode, and my filament wouldn't come out.

    I added the M400 but it doesn't help

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    I've logged it as a bug that PanelDue doesn't update while it is waiting for a response to M291. Although the M291 prompt will cover much of the screen anyway.

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