Revisiting Cold Extrusion - heating errors

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    @scaramouche, did you have any luck with resolving your heater fault issues?
    I'm also extruding cold pastes and experiencing inconsistent heater faults :

    "temperature reading fault on heater 0 - unknown temperature sensor panel.

    @dc42 - I've tried your suggestion, but it doesn't work reliably.

    I have Tool T0 is set up comprising two extruder motors , (E0 & E1), using mixing ratio with no heaters, but the firmware control appears to be looking for a heater on E0?
    Duet Wifi 2 Firmware version 2.0(RTOS) (2018-06-05b3).

    I am able to print by repeated fault clearing M562 and sending M302 until the slicer gcode extrusion commences ( I have M302 as a startup macro in the slicer) , but it seems there must be a better solution ?

    Is there a way to deactivate heater sensing in firmware?

    Would be helpful to get some pointers .


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    Upgrade firmware to 2.02 and try again. You should configure your tool without any heaters, e.g. M563 P0 D0:1.

  • Thanks for your reply @dc42,
    For some reason didn't get notification of your post.

    Anyway, I have found a reliable way to resolve the issues I was having, although it seems to break some rules.
    I found that once I set no heaters and no zprobe on the reprap configurator , the config.g file updates made would no longer accept any changes I made, and consequently nor would config.overide update. Perhaps there is something I did wrong in configurator ?- just removed all heaters and set 'no z probe' option. ( it generated M563 PO DO;1 H)

    So, digging around I found a Reprap note on disabling PID controller by editing the config.overide file M307 - changing A, C&D Parameters to -1, the heater errors no longer appeared.
    Has been working perfectly now, so I hope this doesn't cause any issues elsewhere?

    Will do the upgrade when I get a moment and do a post update, but in the meantime this might be a helpful cold extrusion workaround for others if my method is not catastophic?


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    @rb said in Revisiting Cold Extrusion - heating errors:

    M563 PO DO;1 H

    I presume you meant:

    M563 P0 D0:1 H

    That explains the problem. H with no following number or numbers will be treated like H0. Removing the H from that line should fix it. I'll have the online configurator mended to leave out the H when there are no heaters.

  • I thought it a bit strange that it previously generated a semicolon , but then though the following 1 H would be ignored.

    Thanks for editing the configurator.

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