Display current active csys (P1-G54/P2-G55/...) next to X/Y/Z

  • Hi,
    I dunno if this would be easy, but would be great to be able to have that info next to the displayed X/Y/Z-coordinates to set it into perspective which csys is active, default after startup would be G54 if I understood it right... to not confuse users that do not use other csys than default, it could also only displayed if it is not the standard G54 🙂 otherwise there will be plenty of posts here that will ask something like "what is that G54 next to my coordinates?" or so 🙂 or for G54 something like "Standard-csys" is written or so

    (In a sencond step this could also be taken "to new heights" (at least from my perspective 🙂 ha) if G54 is also slightly grey/transparent displayd if e.g. G55 is active too, but that is then displayd in 100%color/0%transparency... just dreamin up stuff out loud here)

  • administrators

    Chrishamm will need to review this request; but in the next RRF beta I can have the current workplace coordinate number included in the status response returned to DWC so that it has this information.

  • @dc42
    The cnc-guys (maybe in a future build I will be one of them) hopefully will like it 🙂

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