Wrong Z axis Units on CR-10

  • I recently finished wiring and configuring my Creality Cr10 with a duet WiFi, and found out that the movement units in the web control for the Z axis were CM. This is immensely problematic as the slicer (Simplify3D) exports all the gcode in MM. If anybody has any ideas for how to fix this it'd be greatly appreciated. (I have so far only tried the G21command in the starting script which didn't work)

  • Moderator

    Why do you think they are centimeters?

    What value do you have for the Z axis steps per mm? I think it's possible that your steps per mm are incorrect, which would make the amount of movement not match the command movement.

  • I measured the movement of +1 Z and it was one cm. Also, I think you may be right about the steps per mm as they are x256 micro stepping at 64,000 steps per mm, and instead should be 6,400.

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