Board no longer connecting to controller :(

  • hey guys so after I connected a faulty thermistor into my board ( did know if it was broken at the time) the board connected with the thermistor plugged in fine and read an incorrect reading (Max Value) so I unplugged it and now I have come back a day later and the board, completely disconnected from all other components is lighting up all the correct lights and even makes the sound when I plug it into a computer but when I try to connect it gets stuck saying its "connecting" and never connects.. is it possible that the faulty thermistor could have blown my board??

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    Which channel isn't connecting: USB, Panel Due, or Duet Web Control? Are other channels connecting?

    Check in Windows Device Manager whether the USB port is recognised as a Duet or as the Bossa port.

  • Through usb

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    What type of port does Device Manager say it is?

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