M587: Failed to add SSID to remembered List

  • Hi,
    I recentely changed my wifi router and now I am unable to setup the wifi.

    I allways get thie error :

    M587 : Failed to add ssis to remembered List HTTP is enabled on port 80 Ftp is enabled en port 21 Telnet is disabled
    Error retrieving Wifi status message : bad reply format version Wifi module is idle.

    anyone can help ?

  • administrators

    If you get that error message whenever you start the Duet, remove the M587 command from config.g. It isn't needed, and having is there is a security risk because it potentially exposes your WiFi password.

    If you get that error when you try to add an SSID by sending M587 manually, send M552 S0 first to put the wifi module in Idle mode.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    M552 S0 does'nt send any reply on the console.
    But even if I start with the M552 , I keep receiving the same message...

  • The wifi module has limited memory for the number of SSIDs that it can remember. Use M587 by itself to list the ones that it remembers.

    Use M588 to remove ones that you don't need.

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