Attempting to extrude with no tool selected-S3D

  • Yes... I HAVE read the other posts here with this title. NONE come close to explaining why it does not work.
    Rather then post my start gcode (which is copied) I would REALLY like to see some basic start gcode examples that should work. I have tried a bunch and none get me past this error.
    My config has my hotend on T1. I have made sure that "T1" is everywhere in the start gcode as well as at the end of the config file... per as the previous threads have mentioned. It still does not work.
    Is this an S3D thing?
    I assume the S3D tool label has to match the RRF label.

  • I seemed to have figured out most of what was wrong. Seems Simplify3D has a UI quirk. In the advanced/Temperature tab where you assign the Tool definitions... T0, T1, etc... if you leave the radio button on "Extruder" and leave the pull down on the wrong tool it sets it to the wrong tool when you close the Process.

    Regardless I am still having some difficulties figuring out the Start gcode and some samples that work correctly without calls to macros would be very helpful!
    Right now I cannot seem to get the machine to sit and wait for the extruder to heat up.

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