Sensorless Homing with Driver Remapping

  • Hi,

    i try to setup sensorless Homing on X and Y but it does not work in negativ homing direction. If i change the homing direction (+) it works fine for X but not four my two Motors on Y an i need Homing in 0 .

    Driver Mapping:
    X on Driver 0
    Y1 on driver 1
    Y2 on driver 4

    I remapped the Drivers in config.g:
    ; * Motor remapping for dual Y
    M584 X0 Y1:4 Z2 E3

    and tested it with the following macro:
    For X: STALL - X.g
    For Y: STALL - Y.g

    Whats wrong ?

  • administrators

    1. Which firmware version are you using?

    2. Are your X and Y motors at the min or the max end of the axis? It makes a difference, because when the motor is pulling the carriage towards it and the carriage hits a hard stop, the length of belt between the motor and the carriage is short. This makes for a harder stall, which is easier to detect.

    3. Have you tried adjusting the stall threshold (M915) as well as the motor current (M913)?

    4. Stall detection doesn't work at low speeds where the full steps/sec rate is lower than the M915 H parameter.

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