SOLVED Duel Extrusion Not Working

  • We are trying to have two extruders running, one of them making support bracing, and the other printing on top of the bracing. The print bed needs to move to the correct positions so they print on top of each other, it is currently moving in the opposite direction.

    Video of print attempts:

    Conifg File:

    Print File:

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    My guess is that you have set the tool offset(s) incorrectly. First, choose a point on the head to be the head reference point (HRP). I don't see a G10 P1 command in your config.g file, so you are using Tool 1 nozzle implicitly as the HRP. Second, set the X and Y offsets of the tools relative to that. You have defined Tool 2 to be offset at X-98 Y-23. That means it is 98mm in the -X direction and 23mm in the -Y direction relative to tool 1. Is that correct? You haven't said which are the X and Y directions in the video, so it's hard to tell. Remember, with a moving bed, the bed moves in the opposite direction. For example, if in your video +X is to the right on the print, then +X must move the bed to the left.

    I suspect that changing the tool offset in G10 from X-98 to X98 will fix it.

  • Figured it out and got it working, thank you. It was in the offset command.

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