4x berd air on duet wifi with duex5

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    I've just upgraded to a 12v kraken. I've got the Kraken up and running great now, but I need to get cooling on the parts. I'm looking into the Berd-Air cooling world. From what I understand, I'll need 4x berd-air pipes going to 4 different pumps. I've ordered the Parker Pump from American Science and Surplus(12VDC AIR OR GAS PUMP). Looks like it'll deliver even more than I'll technically need. Question with this though. Are there enough connections, and what is recommended to get all 4 of these pumps PWM/ESC connected? I'm not new to electronics, but this is a new arena for me. Any assistance is appreciated.

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    I wouldn't think you would need to use a pipe for each nozzle and four separate pumps.

    I would think air blowing from either side of the group of nozzles would be sufficient.

    My two air ducts, which blow from the side, are not directly opposite each other. Rather they are offset a bit, one to the front and one to the rear.

    I'm no expert with it comes to designing cooling system but the results have been good.

    Glad to hear you have a Kracken going. I've got one but have not yet had the time to work with it.

    Good job.


  • Thanks for the quick reply. I was looking at remixing https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3297874/files to work with an existing rail corexy carriage w/ bltouch. equal/circumferential cooling around each hotend is what I'm envisioning as seen above. Trying to go a lot cleaner on the wiring, if I can build myself a nice quick release for hotend cabling and more swappable hotend. Not that I really need it with a kraken in place, but anyhow... 0_1555191316003_IMG_3185.jpg

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    If the air pump or pumps use brushed DC motors, bear in mind that the starting current is likely to exceed the rating of the fan MOSFETs. There are other threads about this and how to resolve it.

  • @greywarden If you do decide on the multiple pipe route, another option might be to use a single pump but with a 4 way manifold something like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sourcingmap-Metal-Aquarium-Control-Manifold/dp/B01BGSJ2BC. You could maybe use servos to actuate the taps which with the aid of macros, would give some sort of automatic selection. Just a thought...............

    Edit. You could run the pump straight from the power supply, then use the servos to regulate the flow as well.

  • Interesting pump. Looks like the 6 litre-per-minute brushless version with pwm and tachometer. At $9.50 each, I may have to grab a few to play with.