Manual probing

  • Im thinking about switching to a duet board and I want to know if there is one feature which is present in marlin.

    I've had a bad experience with delta calibration and probes, but in marlin there is a feature to probe manually. So the tip comes near the surface and you lower it in 0.1mm steps using the attached encoder until the tip touches the bed.

    My bed is fixed and this feature works flawlessly for me, but I would like a 32-bit board so is something like this possible on any of the duet boards?


  • see

    P0 indicates that no Z probe is present. Whenever Z probing is commanded, you will be prompted to jog the Z axis until the nozzle is just touching the bed and then signal completion.

    for a delta you want the nozzle to be the probe.
    I use a Automatic Leveling Sensor Module Film Pressure Probe, which can be had for about 2 Euros and it works well.

  • @veti Thats perfect thanks!!!

    yeah i've seen those probes but didn't think much of them, will have to try

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