PanelDue Interface Emulator?

  • Does anyone know if anyone has developed a way to emulate the PanelDue interface? This is for the purposes of making user guides.

    We are working on the user guide for our printer and we plan to take pictures of the display as cleanly as possible unless there is a way of emulating the interface and creating the images that way.

  • Personally I think you'll get away with just using Adobe Illustrator/Fireworks/Inkscape to redraw it all. It doesn't have to be exact. You got like 4 main screens to replicate and a few modal dialogs. It sounds like a pain in the ass... but you really only need to do this once, and then replace text and colours in the elements. It's a lot more forgiving when you make a mistake too.

    Otherwise mount a GoPro in front of the actual LCD, and have instructional videos instead of just pictures. I'm sure you've already thought about this one

    A few really "fun" technical approaches:

    • modify PanelDue firmware to send LCD data out the USB port (as a CDC virtual COM port), write Python script (or whatever language you want) on PC to capture and render data from USB serial port
    • modify PanelDue firmware to be compiled with Visual Studio, and replace the LCD functions with functions that draw into a WinForm element. You'll want to replace the touch screen functions with WinForm click events too. (replace Visual Studio with QT or something if you want)

    Both of those approaches are overengineering, but the second one might be nice for Duet's own QC purposes.

    I have two Taranis RC radios that run OpenTX. You can emulate every single thing on it from the PC.

  • @frank26080115
    Okay, thanks.

    I was mostly looking to see if anyone in the community had already done some work on the last two bullet points you mentioned.

    You right pictures or redrawing is probably the best route at the moment.

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