Chamber heater settings

  • Dear community.

    We are trying to get the chamber heater running. Therefor we set up our system as follows:
    Our chamber heater is assigned to heater H6.
    M141 H6 ; Define heater h6 as chamber heater
    M301 H6 P-1 ; Disable PID settings to use bang-bang
    M307 H6 B1 ; To ensure bang-bang is enabled for heater h6

    From our point of view no further changes are required.
    Nevertheless we still receive the error below after a few seconds

    Error: Heating fault on heater 6, temperature rising much more slowly than the expected 1.7°C/sec

    Therefor we adapted the parameters to:
    M307 H6 B1 A5 D300 C600
    If our understanding is correct this should lead to a temperature curve that reaches a delta of 5 degrees after approx. an hour.

    Are we on the wrong track? Please give instructions.

    Thank you in advance!


  • Brief update: Removing the A Parameter from the M307 results in:
    M307 H6 B1 D300 C600

    Now the heater is ramping up properly without an error message.
    Since the C parameter is limited to 999 I assume the heater will throw an error if the set temperature is not reached after approx. 120 min. Is that correct? Is there a way to disable the temerature check?

  • administrators

    The A parameter is approximately the expected eventual temperature rise when the heater is run at full power. The C parameter is the time for the temperature to fall by 63% of the final temperature drop when the heater is turned off. The time that the heater takes to raise the temperature by 63% of the eventual temperature rise should be approximately the same.

    Using those definitions, do you think your chamber heater has a time constant (C parameter) greater than 999 seconds?

    There is no timeout during heating, except when tuning.

    HTH David

  • Thank you for the quick reply. We applied the parameter and will see how it works in an longtime test.. Since the room temperature can only been held to the desired value whie the bed heater is running in some cases the value will not be reached.

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