Build an MPCNC with DuetWiFi

  • Hello @all,
    I simply want to show my MPCNC, controlled by a Duet-WiFi.
    At the Moment it's still in Progress, but already works...

    Maybe later on i have some Question, or need some Help, but for the Moment everything is fine😁
    Here some Pictures.


    Dremel is enough for Depron....

    First tryout...

    The Result.....

    Wish you happy Easter Holidays 😁


  • Oh, i forget something!!

    I also want to say Thanks to this Forum.
    It helps a lot to find all Informations, to get my Machine running.
    Otherwise i go lost, to adjust the Software running in CNC-Mode.
    T H A N K S !!!!

  • administrators

    Thanks for sharing this!

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