Problematic in custom bed for pid tune

  • Hi! I have the following problem: I have a warm bed with dimensions of 660mm x 330mm x 10mm aluminum, in it I have installed two 230v thermal adhesives of the brand kenovo.

    I can read the temperature of two different places, the aluminum plate or the thermal adhesive (I have a difference of about 10 degrees), the problem I have at the time of making the adjustment pid correctly. Since when it stops heating, by the inertia of the temperature the aluminum plate reaches about 20 degrees more (approximately), and I get a failure for not lowering the temperature. How could I solve this? Thank you!!

  • Moderator

    Which thermistor placement are you using for the PID tune?

    Personally, I think the heater loop control should be as close to the heating element as possible. Then adjust your set temperature and warmup time needed to get the bed surface where it needs to be.

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