BLTouch nonsense

  • So I finally get this fickle thing to "Run the Mesh Grid Compensation" in the pull down menu and it starts to work fine... At a random point though it fails to Deploy the probe when the Z axis starts to move. IOWs it does not change color from red to blue, does not deploy the probe and instead stays red and leaves the probe retracted. As such the bed then crashes into the nozzle. I've tried everything. Slowed it all WAY down. Increased the distance the bed travels... But in the end at some random point in the mesh it will fail to deploy. If I set the mesh to a low res like 6 points I can get it to work, but I cannot see trusting it.

    Any ideas????

  • Moderator

    Sounds like a sticky pin. Take the pin out of the BLTouch and clean it with some isopropyl.

  • when you reinsert the pin start the self test and adjust the grub screw so that it can deploy and retract correctly.

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