Problem connecting trough VPN

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    I'm having problems connecting Duet Wifi gui trough VPN. I can connect just fine when I'm directly connected to my home network, but when I try to connect from outside my network via VPN, duet gui wont load. I'm using VPN in my Asus RT-N12D1 (just normal PPTP VPN). I can connect every other server in my home network just fine through VPN but duet interface has some problems with it. Any idea what can cause this? I don't want to forward any port so I haven't even tried that.

    • Ville

  • Ok, actually just figured why it wont connect 😉 Always happens just after you ask something. Asus VPN assigns ip from pool and other network is in, so I suppose duet is stricter than other servers in my network..

  • I can also not connect my Duet Wifi over my private (L2TP) VPN. After a connection attempt over VPN lose Duet Wifi the Wifi connection.
    So I must reset the board.

  • I thought it would be a default route issue, but my duet is in on its own in its subnet and I'm accessing it from another one.
    So it does use the default route my dhcp server gives it.

    for a start you could try telnet/curl/wget to see if the tcp connection works.
    if it does then use firebug or the chrome dev tool to see what the network tab says

  • When I do a connection attempt over VPN does the Wifi-Module restart without configuration and open at channel 1 a open access point.

    I think there is a bug in the firmware.

  • administrators

    I am in the process of rewriting the Wi-Fi firmware.

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