Horizontal lines

  • @veti I have no couplers (lead screw is part of the motor)

    The only issue I have with leveling is that if I accidentally move the X gantry manually, if it's more than 1mm offset, then I have to ram it into the top before trying the leveling. I'm just going to try changing the S parameter of M671 to a higher number and see if that works. I used the default S0.5 that was in the documentation.

    When the machine is powered off, it is effortless to rotate the Z leads (they move smoothly)

    It might be Amazon PETG 🙂

  • @ringo1508 said in Horizontal lines:

    When the machine is powered off, it is effortless to rotate the Z leads (they move smoothly)

    that is not going to tell you if there is slight binding. try unscrewing the lead screw nuts.

  • @veti which part are you talking about? Here are my lead screws, Z motors, and the X ends.


  • the black thing on top. so you can move the gantry up and down without the lead screw.

  • @veti got it! Yes, if I take those 4 screws out (two on either side) the gantry is completely loose of the printer and doesn't touch the lead screws at all. I'll make sure to not snug those screws too much.

  • the thing to check if there is any binding from the linear guides on the smooth rods

  • Well I updated to latest RC and I used S3D instead of Prusa Slicer. It does look better I think. I still need to tweak the settings to get rid of the blobs/stringing on the corner. So, maybe it's just slicer settings.

    I checked for binding on the smooth rods and it feels fine ...it'll just fall if I let the gantry go.


  • I think S3D sets the line starts to random by default? Try setting it to a forced location, or aligned. The layers will look a lot more consistent when they are starting at the same point and going in the same direction.

    Otherwise they are looking pretty good.

    Amazon PETG has been pretty good for me, but it sounds like it's hit or miss.

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    Have you run heater tuning on the bed heater? If you haven't then it will run in bang-bang mode, which can contribute towards Z-banding.

  • @dc42, I did not know this. I've been running in bang-bang mode. Crap. Okay, I'll do a bed heater PID tuning. Thank you!

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