Post Print Head Positioning

  • Hi.

    Right now, when my print is done the printer homes itself. This is a problem because i have a heated chamber and when the printer homes the wiring and water cooling hoses get too close to the heatlamp and melt. What i would like to do is to have the printer return to the center of bed and raise 10mm and stop.

    I'm sure this is possible but i cant seem to figure it out.

    Thanks! 😄

  • Try this in your ending gcode instead of G28
    G91 ;relative move
    G1 Z10 ;raise 10mm
    G90 :Absolute move
    G1 X0 Y0 ;Move to center (I assume it's a delta)

    You can add the F parameter in the G1 codes to control the speed

  • Thanks, that works perfectly 😄

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