Mesh Level - Alternating Height Map

  • Hello,

    I'm having a really hard time getting the mesh leveling to do something reasonable on my printer. I get a very odd alternating high/low pattern in the Y axis as it probes. Here's the picture:

    And my heightmap file:

    Any thoughts on what might be causing this odd behavior?

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    What type of Z probe are you using?

  • It's one of your mini IR sensor boards. The probe works well for autoleveling - haven't had any issues there. Also, the three peaks in the graph really are there (there's three bumps in the surface of the print bed). But the alternating portion in that are isn't real, at least as far as I can feel and see.

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    Very strange. Do you get the same pattern if you change the grid spacing? What is the bed surface, and if it is transparent, what is underneath it?

  • It's aluminum plate with black spraypainted PEI glued on top with the 3M tape. Let me run it again with 20mm spacing and see what happens…

  • Yep, still doing it. Peak valley peak valley, alternates every other sample, even with 20mm spacing.

    Rerunning that corner now: M557
    Grid: X-150.0:0.0, Y-150.0:0.0, radius 150.0, spacing 10.0, 256 points

    And exactly the same thing. High along rows of X, then low along a row of X, then high, etc.

    Is it possible there's something mechanically causing it to be low when it's moving one way and high when it's moving the other? That's the only thing I can think of.

    By the way, here's what a large square looks like (first layer) WITHOUT mesh leveling - prints pretty good, I'm just trying to get rid of the lumps. Definitely no peak/valley surface.

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    Perhaps a loose X or Y pulley?

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