U3 "A4403" dead

  • Hello at all,
    I had the same prolems like "U3 burned a hole in itself?" or "Worst day for my Duet Wifi" since February 2019 and my Supplier "Maker...." in Germany didn't answer to my E-Mails since the 8th of February 2019, the last Mail was yesterday (it was the 9th mail)! I buyed an second one Duet WiFi after the damage and this one works fine. The first one is dead. Can you help me please?

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    @sw, I'm sorry that your Duet has failed. One of my colleagues should be in touch tomorrow to progress your warranty replacement.

  • @SW, I have contacted your supplier and asked him to follow up on this asap. If you don't get a response from him within 24 hours, please email me at sales@duet3d.com and I will take things further.

  • Sorry @SW - your mails were declared as spam.

  • Hello dc42, it seems that I need your further help. The Supplier send me an eMail on 09.05.2019 " we will analyze your board further and send you a return label in the course of the day." - but I didn't get an return label. I wrote him on the 13.05.2019 a mew Mail, that I didn't get the label, but he dont answer me ... Can you help me please an second time ?

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    I am away from the office for 3D meetup
    UK. If you are able to contact your supplier by phone or email, please point them to this thread again. If not, please email info at duet3d dot com and my colleague will help.

    To your supplier: please replace this Duet under warranty. We do not need to analyse the board in cases where U3 has failed.

  • @dc42 said in U3 "A4403" dead:

    ........................ I am away from the office for 3D meetup UK..........................

    That's the first I've heard of any 3D meet up UK. Shame as I'm going away for the weekend otherwise I might have taken a gander.

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