Z-probe stopped working, shows very faint LED light-up

  • Z-probe stopped working after only 2 prints. Initially it worked just fine but at the 3rd print, G32 drove it into the bed. for a while the interface just showed the z-probe flipping between 0 and 1000 with the LED lighting up. After turning off/on printer, it now sits at 0 and when tap, I get an extremely faint light-up of the LED. some of the taps still register as 1000 but not all. Is it broken?

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    I suspect you have a break or bad crimp in the +3.3V wire between the Duet an the Smart Effector.

  • @dc42 considered that but hooked up my other delta smart effector (revision 1.x) and it still works fine

  • @dc42 just double checked by testing the pins below the board and 3.3v is coming though. I just uploaded a video showing "exactly" what is currently happening. At start of video some taps get registered not all. At some point it independently just starts flipping back and forth https://youtu.be/yp95ZLJyGwI

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    I guess your Smart Effector has developed a fault then, so please ask for it to be replaced under warranty. You might like to check first that all pins of the 8-pin connector are soldered properly (those pins have to be hand-soldered so it's possible that pins get missed), and that component L1 on the underside and close to that connector is present.

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