Problem with a printer (stepper driver? or motor?)

  • I have two printers, which are identical. The only difference is that the left one uses 0.9° steppers, and the right one 1.8° steppers.
    The one on the left (0.9°) produces crap prints. On the first glance, the print looks like there is a mechanical issue, but the slider move fine and there is not much play. Additionally, the print also looks crappy, if the print speed is 50% slower. Could it be a stepper driver or motor issue?

    1_1557569654937_2019-05-11 12.09.08.jpg 0_1557569654937_2019-05-11 12.09.26.jpg

  • do post the stepper driver specs.

    at what current are you running them?

    which duet?

  • It's the Duet Wifi on both printers. The print result is crap for the left one with 800-1700 mA per phase.

  • administrators

    Please post the stepper motor specifications, also we need to know what VIN voltage you are using and what your microstepping settings are (post the config.g files).

  • to rule out any mechanical issues you could just move the 0.9 steppers over to that printer.

  • Well, I use a 24V system for both printers.

    The motors of the problem printer should have these specs:

    However, I just got the feel that I did not get the type of motor I ordered. My look different in comparison to the Aliexpress offer 😕
    I make another post after I exchanged the motors with some from amazon and test again..

    My motors:
    0_1557594616918_2019-05-11 19.08.27.jpg

    Order picture from Ali:

    Feel like, my try on 0.9° was really not worth it 😄 First batch of motors was total desaster, now I probably got entirely different ones. I bet this is the issue.

  • measure the phase resistance to confirm.

  • My Fluke sais I have a phase resistance of A) 1.8-1.9 Ohm and B) 2.0 Ohm.

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