Wifi seems to have died

  • I am using the Duet wifi board v1.04. A few minutes ago, I went in to the config.g file to tweek one of the settings. I saved it and the board rebooted. When it came up, I could not connect to it. The blue light that is usually on the wifi chip is out. The only thing I changed in the config.g file was the bed prob definition.

    Anything I can look at, or am I just screwed?

  • pull the sd card out and put it in your computer.
    you can edit the settings there and then put the card back.

  • Editing the SD is not the issue. I did that successfully. The problem is that when I restarted the Duet, there was no wifi connectivity. (could not connect and the blue light does not light). Without the wifi, I have no way to control the board as far as I know.

    BTW, I did take the SD card to the computer and backed it up (as I always do when there might be an issue) and it was read fine. But, still, there is no wifi

  • disconnect the power and connect to the duet over usb.
    then you can send the commands over serial and get more info.

  • Well I said I successfully edited the config, but I didn’t realize that the config.g file was zero bytes after the save. I’ve been having some issues with loosing the connectivity quit often and I guess that happened during the save.

    I grabbed the config.g.bak but unfortunatly without my last setup for the probe. Oh well. Set it up once, I can do it again.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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