Probably fried my network chip(W5500) on Duet 2 Maestro somehow

  • Hello,

    I was finished with wiring my machine everything seemed to be working, was just adventuring around the web controls and looking at stuff, when it stopped responding.

    I think that 24v and 3.3v must have shorted somehow but, I cant think where as nothing was moving and all the wires seemed ok, but that is beside the point.

    Now when I connect any power to it the ethernet chip gets hot fast, all the leds light up fine on usb power, but when I connect 24v VIN the 3.3v led flashes aswell as the E1 heat and E0 heat leds seem to flash slightly.

    if I only connect usb power i can send gcode to the board and every other command except m552 s0 seems to work, but m552 s0 just refreshes the board.

    Any tips on what I should do from here?

    I dont think warranty would apply here as it seemed to be working fine
    outside the machine and even in the machine for about 30m.

    Would just replacing the chip be enough or should some other things be replaced as well? (voltage regulator for 3.3v or something like that?)

    What to probe and what values to expect?

    Sorry for rambling and any grammar mistakes.

  • administrators

    I'm sorry to hear of your mishap. It sounds to me that just the W5500 chip has failed. If you purchased it from Duet3 or one of our distributors, then I will approve a warranty replacement.

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