Building without eclispe?

  • Is there any way to build the firmware without eclipse? Good old make?

    I just updated my firmware sources for the first time since january and getting it to compile and link again was the same nightmare it was back then. Hours of randomly clicking around on "Build clean", "refresh", "build all", restart eclipse, delete directories, pressing F5, sometimes getting one step closer to a successful build.
    The problems are all in configuration and/or dependency management. Or my total lack of understanding eclipse.

    I finally got it building again, slightly frustrated.

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    Eclipse generates makefiles, so you could export them and use make if you wish. But you will still need some way of keeping track of different build configurations if you use more than one, include paths, compiler options. etc.

  • Since january, there was an update that moved the definition of GccPath from the project settings to the workspace settings as ArmGccPath. Did you catch that in the updated build instructions?

    Which OS do you build under?

  • Sorry for my rant before, I was far too agitated to post on forums.

    The problems had nothing to do with my configuration and setup. I didn't change a thing between starting to try to compile and successfully building a working firmware. No build configuration changes, no source file changes, none of the files in git were changed. The issues I had was everything from strange compilation errors in CoreNG, something about a Pin class, to linker errors where it was missing syscalls.o or symbols defined multiple times,

    I think one of the keys to why it got resolved was a project refresh (F5) in eclipse.

    I noted the change of GccPath and the need for an updated compiler. The old q2 compiler crashed on the new sources, "../src/Storage/FileInfoParser.cpp:764:6: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault". Scary.

    My dislike for eclipse is now even stronger than it was before 🙂


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