Geeetech 12864 LCD w/Duet 2 Maestro ✅

  • Currently adding a Duet 2 Maestro to my never finished Geeetech i3 Rework clone.

    Thanks to @mudcruzr and his menu files on git (forum thread) the only hurdle with getting the ancient display up and running was to reverse the pins on the LCD backplane.

    If you carefully remove the shroud on the two 10-pin headers you will reveal the silk screen showing which is EXP1 and EXP2 and by leaving them off or putting them back rotated 180 degrees its plug and play. Some 120-130C hot air may ease the removal of shroud.

    Add M918 P1 E4 to config.g as according to, upload the menu files and its all good.

    Picture to show menu and the headers and correct polarity, maybe it'll be usefull for someone at some point.

  • Looking closer at the LCD board there is a light controlling circuit that seems to be either "always on" or press a button for a preset period of light set by a trimpot. I figure cut a few traces, solder a few jumpers and could get control over the lighting and the button as input to RepRap firmware.

    But seems that the only PWM capable pin is shared between the SERVO and Z_PROBE_IN so no dimming, and currently only end stops support triggers i.e. no dice on the switch as an input, for now. On/off would work, but no means of getting user inputs. Maybe revisit in 3.0 unless 2.04 get support for general i/o triggers first.

    Filing the sketch under wishful thinking for now:

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