Print paused by external trigger

  • Hello to all
    a week ago I decided to put on a filament sensor with a switch at the E1 and the next line M581 E1 T1 S1 C0 to config.g . For a week it was working normally now its starting to pause at random times with this message <Print paused by external trigger>.I have change E1 to E0 same problems, i have to change switch I thought but the same result, what can happen and do that?
    thank you in advance !

  • administrators

    As you are using S1 in the M581 command, I presume the switch is closed when filament is present. Three likely possibilities;

    1. Bad switch contact
    2. Bad crimp connection at one end of the cable.
    3. If the switch wires run right next to a stepper motor cable over a substantial distance, and they are not twisted pair, then it's possible that they are picking up inductive interference from the stepper motor current.


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