Changing input voltage used

  • Hi. I have been using my Duet for a while now and started with a 12v power supply. Now I want to change to a 24 volt supply. So I have purchased a 24v 350watt Meanwell, a 24 volt hot end heater cartridge and some 24 volt cooling fans. My heatbed is mains powered and controlled via ssr. My question is since I am supplying 24 volts now, do I need to change the motor current for the steppers?

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    Short answer: No you do not.

  • you will need to pid tune the hotend again as there is a parameter for the voltage. but you needed to to that anyway because of the new heater catridge and changed fans.

  • Thanks guys. That was what I was thinking. Was planning on doing the pid tune again. Just wanted to make sure.

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