Temp readings jump to 2000c

  • I have connected my Thermocouple that I bought with my Duet Wifi.
    It did read the temp ok but now it has started to jump between actual temp and 2000c in the readout.
    What can be wrong with the readings?

  • administrators

    The output from a thermocouple is only a few tens of microvolts per degC. That makes the thermocouple wiring very susceptible to interference, especially inductive interference. The thermocouple wires should be twisted pair all the way back to the adapter board, and you should keep them away from all stepper motor wires. If the reading stabilises when you send M18 to turn all the motors off, that confirms that you are getting interference from stepper motor wiring.

    A bad connection to the thermocouple wires is another possibility.

  • Well that is most likely the case as I did put it in the cable chain.
    Will try again with it on the outside.
    Thanks for the help.

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