Heater Fault

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    Search the forum for "heater fault" and or "temperature sensor problem" or alike

    I remember posts with:

    • either cables/connectors loose -> check if errors get worse/more with heated up parts while moving all axis/motors...

    • capacitive coupling between components (mains-earth and dc-ground e.g.); -> get a torch or your mobile-phone-led and check all wirings again and again...

    • "bad" temperature-sensor with wrong internal heat-conductive-isolating-filler that was throwing errors only over a certain temperature <- to be sure that is the problem you would have to reproduce your error in total standstill, no moving motors. If the error is only above a certain temperature and NEVER below a certain temperature, you might just have bough one of these, where the mfgr took the wrong thermal paste I guess...

    EDIT: hot-glue with not-conductive "glue" (most of the time you can get a chep hot glue explicit for "wiring/cables", that is the one you want)

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    @justinds89 said in Heater Fault:

    Spoke too soon.

    0_1558388357862_Heater Fault.JPG

    Sudden random changes in temperature indication like that indicate a problem in the temperature sensor or its wiring. Not connected with heater tuning at all.

  • Thanks for all the help guys!

    I swapped the termistor with another new one and so far it's been holding steady!

    Hopefully that was the problem.

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